Damian G. Illinois

Reducing immigrants and terrorism

We need to reduce the amount of immigrants and check their back grounds because we might be letting dangerous people in we don't know if they are terrorists or not.

Reducing immigration and terrorism

Hello next president i'm here to talk about reducing immigration because it is a serious problem in our country.some immigrants might be terrorist and we are letting the come in our country.one reason i think we should reduce immigration is that we should look at there background to see if they had commided any crime in there country before we let them in. Another thing we should do if some people from other country come in a care we should search their car to see if they are bringing any illegal drugs to our country.

According to wikipedia it says Steps advocated for reducing the numbers of immigrants include advocating stronger action to prevent illegal entry and illegal immigration, and reductions in non-immigrant temporary work visas Some advocate a tightening of the requirements for legal immigration requirements to reduce total numbers, or move the proportions of legal immigrants away from those on family reunification programs to skills-based criteria. What separates it from others who want immigration reform is that reductionists see immigration- or one of its forms- as being a significant source of social, economic, and environmental problems, and wish to cut current immigration levels.

There have been several discernible groups at various times within the United States, which pushed for immigration restrictions, with separate concerns, origins, and aims; thus there are several antecedents for the modern immigration reduction movement.

This why I think we should reduce immigration and terrorism the safeness of this country.

Sincerely: Damian G.V.