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"Is Donald Trump right?"

Is Donald Trump right? Why do Mexicans immigrate to the U.S.?

Dear President,

  I am a 14 yr old freshmen in high-school who is looking forward to the 4 years of your presidency. For the past years, we have been progressing on the way we handle Mexican immigration, but I feel there is so much yet to be done.

  More than 11.7 million immigrants from Mexico resided in the U.S. as of 2014, accounting for 28% of all U.S. immigrants. Mexico is a dangerous place. People are too scared to step out of their homes, fearing the ongoing drug war. The drug war has killed an estimate of 120,000 people by 2013, not including the 27,000 missing people. It has become unsafe for Mexico’s people to even go outside. Not only is there violence, but poverty as well. Mexico is rated the third highest for percentage (25.8%) of children ages 0-17 living in poverty. Many children have stopped going to school due to the lack of money their family has. I have witnessed this myself when I visited my family in Mexico. Three siblings had to stop going to school in order for their family to save money. They are forced to go out and sell candies in the middle of the street to help out at home. The fact that many families are in need, results in a family member crossing the border in able to provide money for their family. On the other hand, some parents have kids living in the U.S. and want to be with them. For example, a father who had gotten his partner pregnant with a baby girl, but then later deported, crossed the border AGAIN just for his daughter. He knew a daughter would need her father to be there for her, to grow up with her, to love her, to provide for her, and he risked it all to give her just that. All in all, many American citizens judge immigration without knowing the real reason and desperate need for Mexicans to immigrate to the U.S.

  It isn’t fair to judge and discriminate someone for seeking safety. For seeking a better life. For seeking survival. What you don’t know is the reason for their dangerous stow away from home. Maybe it’s for love, to live happily with their family and to give their kids a better future. Maybe it’s for ambition, their drive and determination to work, to learn, to become someone. All they want is a better life. From where they stand, the grass is greener on the other side. Everything you take for granted is everything they ever wanted, and for that they’re willing to risk it all. Keep in mind you’ve never lived someone else’s struggles. Leaving a place you used to be able to call home is hard. Be thankful you’re able to stay in yours. Maybe next time you see their struggle, you’ll remember that.

With Respect,

Someone who wants to see a difference

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