Paige M. Michigan

Terrorism in the US

Addressing the scary reality of terrorism in our country

Dear Future President,

As you know, terrorism has been a big problem in our country and around the world recently. As president I believe that the issue of terrorism is a big issue that you need to consider working with, because the mass destruction and fear that is being forced upon in our country and around the world is very unsafe. Terrorists have done and plan to do a great deal of tragic damage all around the world and it has become a very unsafe world for us to live in. “To generate widespread fear, terrorists must engage in increasingly dramatic, violent, and high-profile attacks. These have included hijackings, hostage takings, kidnappings, car bombings, and, frequently, suicide bombings”. Fixing this issue is very important to me because I feel that, as a citizen of the best country in the world, my family, friends and I should be able to live our lives freely without having fear of the world around us. This issue matters on an even larger scale because our country is at high risk of terrorist attacks right now and we cannot afford a tragic loss in our country. In his article Thinking About the Unthinkable, Kevin Hassett exposed that “the magnitude of the damage that terrorists have inflicted does not approach the catastrophic scale threatened by the possible high-tech attacks that an incipient policy community has begun to study and quantify”. In other words, there are plans of doing far more damage than that that already stands. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to personally visit the 9/11 pools and it was such an unforgettable sight. It was absolutely horrific to see how many names wrapped around that pool. In addition to those memorials, the memorials at the fire stations were so heart wrenching to me and something like that should never be allowed to happen again. Everything in our power must be done to stop the issue, and it starts with you. People around the country may have different ideas and strategies as to how this should be stopped, but I think it is fair to say that one-hundred percent of the population of The United States would agree that an end needs to be put to this issue. In response to this issue I think that you need to put a new military training system for dealing with terrorists and terrorism. I also think that higher public and national security systems need to be put in place. Nothing can ever be too safe. The government should also lead deeper investigations on these types of things, as well as trying to create stronger international relationships around the world in order to calm some of the international terrorist scenes down. I would hope that one day we will see the world as peaceful and free of terrorism hanging over our heads. Please consider the issue very seriously and help out our country for the better.

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