Steven S. Michigan

Immigration Dangers

I believe we don't need as many illegal immigrants, which is becoming a problem.

Dear Future President,

The United States is in great danger. Immigration has been increasing, and our jobs are being taken away in front of our eyes! Along with fewer jobs for citizens of the United States, immigration is becoming a problem and it needs to stop. We are having trouble getting jobs because, instead of making more jobs, you are letting immigrants take the open ones, and have our American people hope that they can find one on the streets. Crime is increasing from immigrants.

Every year, 11.7 million Mexicans are coming to America. Concerning the lack of jobs already, we have lost about 5 million manufacturing jobs since 2000. I believe we have a problem on our hands, and we need to stop allowing people to come to our country and watch our jobs be taken away in front of our eyes.

Along with jobs, we have problems with our society. America is increasing in crime from immigrants. Given that some immigrants to follow the law, some are holding back the United States and are causing trouble within the cities we live in. We need America to be safer, and stopping immigration with other countries will do that as we focus on our economy.

We as a country should focus on ourselves for a brief moment and realize that we as Americans have a problem on our hands. For how we fix this problem President, is of course up to the government. I believe we need stronger immigration laws, while still maintaining the freedom of our country, will be a challenging but very effective way to make the better good of America. The immigrants should respect and follow our traditions, after all aren’t they are coming here? If they don't like our ways of living, then they shouldn’t be trying to get in.

Overall, I believe that all Americans, including you President, should want a safe country. Tightening down on immigration laws may just do that, but it will take much more than just laws to get our country in order the way it should be. Time is our friend President, make use of it wisely.