Elizabeth G. Michigan

LGBTQ Rights

I believe all LGBTQ citizens deserve the same rights as all others. Also no one should be threatened for speaking about what they believe in.

Dear Future President,

I feel there are many problems in our world today. One important topic that I would like to discuss is equal rights for LGBTQ citizens. I believe LGBTQ citizens are not being treated fairly. There are many LGBTQ adults and teenagers that are being tortured around the world, and they are not harming anyone. Along with LGBTQ citizens being treated very unfairly, people who disagree with LGBTQ are threatening supporters and threatening to kill their children if they don’t stop defending LGBTQ citizens.

In Iran, homosextuality is punished by death. This year the country's official describes homosextuality as “an illness that should be cured.” I don’t think anyone should be tortured because of their sex, race, and/or their sextual attractions. All around the world men and women are being tortured because they are LGBTQ. Eric Ohena Lembembe was found at his house in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon. He had been tortured. His feet and neck were broken, his body burned with an iron, and was murdered for being gay.

Some people might say LGBTQ people are not normal, that they should stay their original sex that they were given when they were born, or they shouldn’t be sextualy attracted to the same sex. They are wrong because they are no different except for their attractions and sex. Also they are not hurting anyone or violating the rights of others.

According to the ACLU the right to privacy is guaranteed by the fourth, fifth, ninth, and the fourteenth amendment. Therefore no LGBTQ citizens should be punished or threatened for being who they are and they all have rights like everyone else.

I believe every person should be treated equal. It shouldn’t matter what they believe in or who they support. No one should be punished or threatened when they aren’t hurting anyone. Also people shouldn’t be treated differently because of their sex, race, and/or their sextual attractions. Lastly they should be able to do whatever they want to as long as it doesn’t violate the rights of others.

Lastly, no one should be threatened for supporting LGBTQ citizens because everyone has the right to speak whatever they want, which is protected under our constitution. People who are supporting LGBTQ citizens are in fear for their family because people who are against LGBTQ are threatening supporters. Supporters are getting texts and calls that are threatening to kill their kids.Two equality lawyers, Alice Nkom and Michel Togue, received phone calls and texts messages threatening to kill them and their children if they didn’t stop defending gays who had been arrested. We should not be in fear for speaking up for what we believe in. Please, next president, give LGBTQ the same rights as everyone else.



8th Grade

Evart Middle School

Evart, MI

Evart Middle School

5th Block

8th Grade Language Arts

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