carlos v. Georgia


The USA has to help immigrants not take them back to the their country.

Dear Next President,

Immigration is a big problem in the US. Immigrants leave their country and family to come to the US. The USA has to help Immigrants not take them back to the to their country.

Most of the time they leave their country, because it is very dangerous they want their family to be safe. In the US it is safe for a family to live and be happy. They want their kids to have a good education. For them to get jobs easy they have to be US citizen. They have to do jobs that other people don’t want to do. Many US citizens say that immigrants take jobs from them but it is not true. Another problem is that when an immigrant has to leave the US they leave their kids and family.

You can solve all these problems you need to make it easier for immigrants to be US citizens. If immigrants were citizens it would help the US government. You can help them become US citizens that way they don’t have to leave their family in the US. You can help and not allow to separate family’s.

You can help family’s come to the US and be happy.    


Carlos V.

Creekland Middle School

Mrs. Demos's Classes

We are 8th grade language arts students from Creekland Middle School in Lawrenceville, GA.

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