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America has many problems and one of them is immigration. Immigrants are a huge factor that makes up the U.S. There's lots of immigrants that don't want to do harm, but make money to support their family. There's lots of confusion between immigrants and U.S citizens like kicking the good immigrants out and keeping the bad immigrants.

Dear future President,

Today in the world there are millions upon millions of immigrants just looking for a safe place to stay. We ask you to let the majority of the immigrants here in the U.S stay because they are getting kicked out even though they have not committed a federal crime. You shouldn’t punish the good for the actions of the bad, kick the people who are linked to the cartels, people who smuggle drugs, out of the United States.

There’s lots of immigrants in the U.S that haven’t commited a crime and all they want to do is better themselves and maybe even meet up with families that live here. All immigrants come into the U.S to find a better paying job and hope they can follow their dreams. But there's many other criminals out there that have committed some sort of crime and its causing their race to look bad. Eventually that’ll have the good people deported, because of the actions of the ones breaking the laws. Some may say that all immigrants are the same that they come to the U.S to cause violence and take up every job opportunity there is but in reality they just want to live a better life and actually be something in life. They want to better themselves and think they will get better treatment here in the United States.

An additional reason to why the next president should just let immigrants stay here in the U.S, is because it requires a lot of time and money to find the immigrants and deport them. Many people argue that it is an easy process but I would argue that it would take years to find every single immigrant and deport them back to their country. According to the article,Pros and cons, US senator John McCain states that the Government does not have the necessary equipment to locate all immigrants and deport them back to their original origin.

Many people would argue that immigrants shouldn’t be allowed in any countries except the ones they were raised in, but many don’t know the changes immigrants can make in society. Immigrants leave their hometown for many reasons like, jobs, money, housing, they tend to do these things not just for themselves but for their families. How are you going to kick people out when they got relatives here in the U.S? Imagine you in that position fleeing your country because its war torn or the government is constantly in a battle with the cartels. Immigrants are willing to do any job for any amount of money, for example mexicans, mexicans are willing to work under 5 dollars knowing that it’s not enough but they’ll be happy to bring that small amount of money to the table.

So what if all immigrants get deported? Don’t you think that the economy will fall? Immigrants make most of our society, they help our society grow, they have families and jobs here, if we deport all of them our society will not be the same. Our society will fall. There will be complications and problems with all families, more children will be without parents and in need of a home. Dear Future President, would you want our economy to become more worse than what it already is and have more problems than the ones it already has? Help our economy, don't make it worse by deporting people who work for us and who want to make a change, kick the people that ain't making a change in the economy; help it grow and to do this you need to focus the economic problems.

Tenor High School

Tenor High School

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