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Animal Testing in the US

A consideration of the unlawful and disgusting acts forced upon animals.

 Dear President,

Animal testing is the forced experimentation of animals using various unknown chemicals and products for the uses of eye irritancy, acute toxicity, skin sensitization, dermal penetration, neurotoxicity, and mutagenicity according to the American Anti-Vivisection Society. Despite the various laws and acts placed against this brutality, big companies have found loopholes and ignored the order to stop by simply continuing the unnecessary death of not thousands but millions of animals in the US. The testing of various mass produced products and chemicals on innocent animals in general, a morbid act and a process that needs to be discontinued.

Animal testing has now developed a lengthy amount of various alternatives, that would replace or save animals from the various abuses they receive when being tested on and even predict the same or even more beneficial conclusions. Cruelty Free International claims that alternatives to animal testing can be cheaper and more accurate by using donated grafts of human skin to test on, the growing sophistication of digitalized computer models, and safely conducted volunteer studies on humans using microdosing, or giving volunteer patients small dosages of potential new drugs that could cure diseases in the actual human body. They also explain how tests conducted in the past have formed many breakthrough in scientific discovery, such as the discovery of aspirin being tested by a German chemist to relieve a headache and the anesthetic discovery of laughing gas when a man cut his leg while under the influence and could not feel it. Because using newer, more efficient forms of technology is available to the U.S. and can provide a surplus of information, if not a solution to past studies, animal testing can be put to a stop in commercial and scientific research.

There also is an increasing amount of animal experiments that are conducted and have no conclusive results, causing an unnecessary euthanization of millions of animals as well as wasted government money for the funded programs. Cruelty Free International claims that “despite the use of over 115 million animals in experiments globally each year, on average only 25 medicines are approved annually by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.” Also they explain that the use of animals in testing can be extremely unreliable because most animals will not contract the same diseases we do, such as HIV, various types of cancer, and Alzheimer's. Concluding, since animals are very different from humans in the contraction and process of handling diseases, they are useless to conduct experiments for humans.

Despite the fact that animal testing has contributed to many life altering discoveries and animals shorter life span has given scientist more reason to review their whole span of life, animal testing has no use in scientific or commercial research because of our advanced technology and healthier ways of discovery to provide researchers with a more conclusive, relevant answer to cosmetic and problematic questions.

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