Hudson G. Mississippi

Legalize Marijuana

The US should legalize marijuana.

Hudson Garner

Dear Future President:

I am writing to you to ask you to legalize marijuana in all states. Because marijuana is illegal, jails are crowded due to the large amount of non-violent criminals with marijuana drug charges. Children are left motherless and fatherless. Something needs to be done.

Some researchers state that alcohol is more harmful than marijuana. In America smoking marijuana has led to no overdoses, no long term health problems, no violent crimes, and no serious injuries. Alcohol on the other hand, has led to all four of these issues. Alcohol causes 30,000 deaths each year due to health problems, violence, and drunk driving. According to “Science Reports,” there is not even a category that involves marijuana in death statistics. Like alcohol, marijuana could be only available to people over the age of twenty-one, and people would go to jail if they used it illegally. This means driving while under the influence or smoking while in public would be illegal. Also, like alcohol, marijuana could be taxed.

School funding is a problem for many states, especially my own. Marijuana could resolve these problems. Marijuana could be highly taxed, and those tax dollars could fund schools. In 2015 alone, Colorado raised 135 million dollars. 35 million of this went to schools. This would allow schools to afford better text books, more teachers, and to rebuild necessary parts to the school.

While some people believe that marijuana should be legalized, others do not because they think that it is a gateway drug. Some research shows that marijuana leads to other, more dangerous drugs. People who move on from marijuana to other drugs want a better feeling that marijuana can give them. This could lead to addiction, or if they use the wrong drug, even death.

In summary, marijuana leads to zero over-doses in the United States, while alcohol leads to tens of thousands. It also would allow schools to better their facilities, as well as to produce a better education for its students. Taxing marijuana would help out every state. Then why is it still illegal? Mr. or Madame President, I hope you consider legalizing marijuana after reading my letter.


Hudson M. Garner