Hailey M. Mississippi


Abortion should be stopped. It should not be legal for a woman to terminate her child in the womb because doing so is murder. Those babies are unable to speak for themselves and should be given a right to live their lives as we have been given the right to live ours. They are humans with heartbeats and should be treated as equally as everyone else in this world.

Dear Future President,

Abortion is a topic that I am personally very concerned about, and I strongly feel that it should be addressed during the next presidency.

There are several reasons why abortion should not be legal. As I see it, having an abortion is killing an unborn baby that cannot defend itself. We put people in prison for committing murder but allow women to legally get an abortion. Even though the baby has not come out of the womb, it has a heartbeat 6 weeks into the pregnancy, which therefore makes it alive. This proves that when a woman gets an abortion, it is murder.

There are other options for a woman who gets pregnant and does not want her baby or is unfit to care for it. Even if she got pregnant on accident or had sex without her consent, giving the baby up for adoption would be a great alternative. We should not be giving women the choice to terminate their child in the womb. There is no sense in killing a baby, who is considered a human being, when you could give that child a chance to live their life and be cared for by another family. These babies don’t have a say and cannot fight for their life, so it should be our responsibility to fight for them.

Anyone who is pro-choice and thinks that abortion should be legal, believes that it is the mother’s choice whether or not to bring their baby into the world or not. They think that if the woman doesn’t have the chance to choose, it could result in a child coming into the world feeling unwanted. However, I believe that if the woman goes through with having the baby and then puts it up for adoption, that child would have an opportunity to be loved and to actually be somebody in this world. Whether or not that child grows up to feel unwanted by their biological parents or not, it is the right thing to do considering it would save their life. If abortion remains legal, those women who choose to have an abortion, are taking human rights, and a beautiful chance at life, away from their child. Women have their own reasons for getting an abortion, but it is very wrong in my opinion and should be prohibited everywhere.


Hailey Thompson

Sacred Heart High School

4th Period AP

AP Language and Composition

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