Mikhaila L. Mississippi

America Must Ameliorate

America "The States" is often praised. Should the US also be ridiculed? Here I bring to you my view on some of America's problems & some solutions I feel that would change America for the better. How great is America?

Dear Future President,

Today, as a concerned high school student, I'm writing to you to formulate some of my many perturbations regarding the country we call "home."  America, known - according to the U.S. News - as the 4th best country to live in, has room to improve.  Although America is known as the "land of opportunities," is it really?  America has many push-and-pull factors, both negative and positive.

America is indeed a "melting pot."  America attaining the "melting pot" designation requires compelling immigrants to assimilate to American society. Yet America is known as the "land of liberty."  Many migrate to America for better living opportunities. However, upon arrival some are subjected to captivity.  Immigrants should be allowed more freedom - which will influence America propitiously.

Racism is the divisor in the problem of America.  Racism still exists.  For instance, studies show that the racial wealth gap keeps widening 48 years after the Civil Rights Era.  The typical "black" home only has 6% of the wealth of a typical white household.  Still , today, the most common type of racism is reverse racism. In which, "whites" would be the perpetrator and "blacks" are the victim.  Statistics show that 79% of racism victims are "black."  Regardless of your culture, ethnicity, or race......racism needs to stop. "The eye should learn to listen before it looks - we are all grey."

Since 2012, police brutality has been a problem in America.  Just alone in the year of 2015 there was a total of 385 fatal police shootings. In 2016, police have killed 790 people. 80% of those shootings involved unarmed victims. Only 10 of those cases resulted in convictions. So, Mr. or Mrs. president - is it okay to shoot innocent and unarmed people, just because you have a badge and a gun?  The following exemplifications convey some victims of fatal police shootings that have occurred: Philando Castile, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Alton Sterling, and Antwun Shumpert.  All of the preceding cases were tragedies but Antwun's death affected me the most. Police brutality is "getting closer to home."  As a teenager I shouldn't be scared or compelled to worry about these violent situations, but unfortunately I have no choice.

From my perspective,  America is a great country; however, it does have room for improvement.  But what country doesn't?  America has its problems, but they are fixable.  I believe that in order for America to become the #1 best country to live in it has to become more democratic, value public opinion, and create laws that compel disciplinary and legal actions against corrupt and unjust behavior.