bamacam2000 Mississippi

Privatizing Medicare

The United States should privatize Medicare.

Dear Future President,

Though there have been continued attempts to extend healthcare to all through means of the government, there is no question that this attempt has proven to be nothing more than a disaster for the people and the government. Medicare has exhibited results just as lackluster as the Affordable Care Act and, without serious reform, will continue to exhibit these results. While some claim that Medicare is a necessary evil or a right for senior citizens, this failed system will not help those in need in any way, thus requiring the United States to abolish Medicare and move to a private insurance system, for it will offer solvency for the national debt and budget deficit, stop its abuse by doctors, and because it is unsustainable for the future.

Although Medicare cannot be phased out overnight, it must be abolished, and allow those over the age of 40 to receive at least partial benefits. Those over 40 have paid in a substantial amount and have been promised benefits which they should receive, but aside from this set of expenditures, the government will intake much more money and be able to put money toward the national debt. The current national debt is over $19 trillion and growing, and the United States' federal budget deficit is $545 billion dollars. Our country cannot afford Medicare for our senior citizens because it costs the United States $618 billion dollars, more than the budget deficit. By simply cutting Medicare and retaining the tax, the United States solves for the budget deficit.

While many doctors are moral and upstanding in their practice and society, Medicare allows these doctors to abuse the system and even commit fraud. President Obama's administration released a statement saying that doctors are improperly billing patients for fees that they should be exempt from, and the problem is that Medicare foots the bill for this abuse and physicians make a quick buck at the expense of the government. Private companies better uphold the morality of doctors because private companies will ensure that their money is not stolen or misused. Though the Department of Health and Human Services could audit doctors, this would cost even more money and negate the solvency that private insurance offers because audits simply use more government dollars. It would be illogical to audit and increase bureaucracy.

Medicare is ultimately unsustainable because it will run out of funds in the near future which would increase either the deficit and debt or taxes. Neither of these are sustainable solutions which our country should desire. Free market competition is necessary because it is the most feasible and sustainable solution for the future of America. The Medicare costs are expected to exceed the total income by 2021, and Medicare is expected to completely deplete its trust fund by 2028. With such a short time before Medicare completely fails, we as a nation must begin preparations for either increasing taxes which are also unsustainable or switching to private insurance.

Future President, as the leader of the free world you understand as well as I do that Medicare is going to deplete more of our resources. Our country cannot afford to waste any more money reforming the broken system that has totally failed our senior citizens and our country. The United States must abolish Medicare and adopt a private insurance system left up to the free market because our national debt and deficit cannot afford it, doctors are misusing and abusing it, and it is unsustainable for our country's future.