Courtney N. Mississippi

A Voice for the Voiceless

Dear Future President,

There have been many different controversies on the subject of abortion. In the United States abortion is legal under any circumstance and can be easily performed by a doctor. It’s an easy way for women to simply remove the life that has formed in them. I believe abortion is absurd and should be a felony.

There are many people who believe there is nothing wrong with having an abortion because a fetus is “not considered a person”, therefore there is no wrongdoing. This is false. At only five weeks, the fetus has a heartbeat and at nineteen weeks the baby can feel. Because of this, abortion is painful for the fetus and it often struggles to get away from the tools. Women who get the procedure are more likely to develop problems that can be life threatening such as cancer, infertility, cervical lacerations, etc. Clinics that offer the procedure are often not sanitary. Studies have shown that many clinics have reused the tools without proper cleaning, and do not properly dispose of the bodies of the aborted babies.

Many people don’t believe abortion is murder. If a pregnant woman is murdered it is considered a double homicide, but when an abortion is performed it is not considered murder. In my opinion, if killing an unborn fetus without the mothers consent is considered murder, than killing a fetus with the mother’s consent should also be considered murder. The phrase “my body my choice” is extremely popular among those who are pro-choice. It’s ironic because the fetus may be inside the woman’s body, but the fetus is a completely different person and can’t speak for itself.

Numerous amounts of abortions have occurred because of rape, incest, and teenage pregnancies. Many people believe that in these situations abortion is okay. However there are other ways such as adoption that could provide a life for the child instead of terminating their chance to live. A variety of couples all over the world cannot have children and are looking to adopt. Abortion has been used as a form of birth control for many women, but there are many other ways. Safe sex and abstinence are two ways to safely prevent pregnancy without harming you or a baby.

I believe the abortion procedure is wrong and should be abolished. Although many people believe abortion isn’t wrong, it certainly is. Abortion kills a living human being usually with pain and causes problems later on for women that can be life threatening. Many methods of birth control can be practiced in replacement of abortion such as abstinence or safe sex, and should be practiced throughout the United States instead of abortion. My hope is that in the future, our government will make abortion illegal to save the lives of so many innocent children that are killed every day.