Isaiah M. Mississippi


Building communities to make a better America

Dear Future President of the United States,

I am writing this letter to you saying thank you for your commitment and dedication to serving our country. Only being 17 years old and still a senior in high school, I understand the stress and and difficulties you face everyday as the president. I just ask that you stay focus on yourself and our country and ignore the rest. Today, our country is not doing too well in our communities. With President Obama, he helped out families tremendously that people don't even realize. It is now your job to continue to get us to glory. As our country strives for this, there will be challenges and obstacles we are going to face. We just need to prepare for what is coming with them. A big problem that we face along with millions of more is teenage violence; especially black on black in the city Chicago. The people who are involved start at the age of 13 and sometimes even younger. The issue is that young people just do not quite understand how they are throwing their lives away. The may see their parents struggling, friends with guns, drugs, and money and automatically assume that's the way of life. The reason for black teenagers being so violent to each is because they see no other way out from their own neighborhood. They are accustomed to being isolated from the world. Something that needs to be changed for teenagers in Chicago is the education and better job opportunities. With this they will be more active in the community, off the streets, better leaders and role models for their communities. I ask that our government show these young people a way out, show them a light at the end of the tunnel and they will follow! Thank you so much for your time.