Reghan M. North Dakota

Bullying in the Workplace

This letter will give you some facts about workplace bullying and how it affects the employees and how we can stop it.

Dear Mr./Mrs. Presadent

I am writing to you about bullying in the workplace and the affect it has on people and the working environment. I personally am being bullied in my workplace and I can say that it’s horrible. My fellow co-worker call me names, talk about me behind my back and make me do a good major of the work by myself along with my other fellow co-worker Ann. There are times when I don’t want to go into work because I feel ashamed. My self esteem has dropped, i’ve been making mistakes, and my attitude towards other has soured, I don’t like feeling this way and I can tell you for a fact that others don’t like feeling this way either. When people are bullied it can lower their self esteem and even affect the way they work and treat others. I want to help make awareness to this problem because it happen and it causes people to ether lose their jobs or in a worse case scenario their lives. I claim that bullying is destroying the workplace and the employees, and that management isn't doing anything to stop it. Ok, so maybe management wants to help stop bullying the workplace but it's hard to go to management about it do to the fear of them not believing you about it or the fact that they're going to talk to them but nothing will change. This is a common fear for employees who are being bullied at work and it follows the same principles of a student being bullied at school. Their doth afraid of things getting worse or not changing at all.

"Roughly 30 million Americans have reported bullying at the workplace," said Lindsay. "In a 2007 poll, 37 percent of American adults reported being bullied at work."(McClatchy). Those numbers scare me Mr/Mrs. President these numbers show just how big of a problem this is but nothing's getting better. Bullying in the workplace creates high levels of stress,reduced self-esteem, sleep disturbances and excessive absenteeism. Many people say that it's not a problem and even if it is its none of their business, but I say it is a problem and it's their business because it can happen anywhere and at any time. In a 2014 National Survey on workplace bullying it shows that 27% experienced abusive conduct at work, 72% are aware of the bullying, Bosses are the majority of bullies, 72% of employers deny,discount,encourage,rationalize, or defend it, and 93% of respondents support enactment of the Healthy Workplace Bill. (

Why Bullying Persists:

*Element of personal shame involved

*Majority of bullies (72%) are bosses

*Some managers direct bullies to target particular employees

*Fear that complaints will lead to retaliation or reprisal.

*Fear of loss of job

*No good protocol in place to deal with bullies

*Mediation is often used which exacerbates the situation


To conclude Mr./Mrs. President bullying is destroying our working establishments and we have to put an end to it, no one deserves to be treated poorly by another human being, especially not their fellow co-worker. We need to work harder to make are employees feel safe at work and discussing their problems with management.

Magic City Campus

Thomas - Jr English 2

Mr. Thomas' 2nd Hour Junior English

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