Laina p. Michigan

Tiger Extinction

Tigers are dying. We need save them before they are gone forever.

Dear Next President,

We have a problem. Poachers and habitat loss are killing our tigers.

Some people say that poaching is okay because they think we might find cures to illnesses. Some tribal people believe that tigers have special healing powers, so they kill them to get the so-called healing powers. But so far they have not been able to heal anyone. Poachers are cutting the tiger's skin off to get the fur. I really think that it is quite cruel, especially to a species that is like no other.

I really think we are making money for the wrong reason if we kill tigers and sell their fur. We should be more aware about the things that will upset the balance of prey and predator, because if the tigers die, the population of prey will rise, and if the prey is an invasive species, imagine what it would do to the environment. If nothing is done soon about this horrible tiger crisis, tigers will be gone forever because no one did anything.

I think a bigger punishment would help prevent tiger extinction. Another thing that could help prevent tiger extinction would be to raise the population in the wild by letting captive tigers that were born in the wild go. Captive-born tigers, however, like tigers in zoos, should stay in captivity because if they go back to the wild, they will die.

Tigers are majestically beautiful creatures. I think they should have a chance at life. Just think of all the poor baby tigers dying because their parent was killed by a poacher.Tigers are dying and we need to save them before they die because of our foolish mistakes.



7th Grade

Evart Middle School

Evart, MI