celina t. Michigan

Year-Round Schooling is the Better Choice

This paper outlines the important need for year round schooling.

Dear President,

Kids all around the United States are struggling in school. What if there was a way to fix that? Well there is a way, putting kids in year round schooling will not only allow kids to achieve their full potential, but it will relieve some stress and give them more time to learn new concepts. Having year round schooling will help students retain the information they learned for longer periods of time, as well as identify gaps in learning. Another positive attribution about year round schools is that it will help teachers alleviate teachers of their packed schedules, and the pressure of student achievement, which is a constant looming thought, when it comes to pay and job security.

Currently most schools do not do year round schooling. Recent studies have proven that year round schools are beneficial. Some of the benefits are students have improved retention in reading especially. Students also advance more quickly in all subjects.

The cause of this issue is that kids often get too or think that they can’t do certain pieces of homework. Then they don’t do it or they have a hard life and are already very stressed and school work puts more stress on them. Then they decide not to do there homework. In most cases it’s not that they want to fail it’s because they don’t have anybody to help them or have no way of coming before or after school to get help for the things that they’re struggling with. Having year round schooling will give them a better opportunity to do good in school and get caught up and to get the help they need. If you have students in year round schooling they will be less likely to drop out and more likely to graduate and make something of their life.

Year round schooling will affect kids, teachers, and parents. It will give the kids a better opportunity to do good in school. It will make the teachers less stressed because they will have more time to go through things and not rush. It will also give them a better opportunity of helping the kids with their school work and it will give them more time to ensure that the class is learning. Also studies show that children from low income families benefit the most from year round schooling. Shorter breaks help children retain information better. The brain works better with more frequent breaks.

Some people do not want anything to change. Some people think year round schooling will ruin their summer vacation. Some people think teachers do not work hard enough because they get the whole summer off. Some children think year round schooling will take away their vacation days.

Year round schooling gives you more vacation options all year instead of just in the summer. Year round school can change the perception of teachers. If people see teachers going to work every day like everybody else, teachers will get more respect. There would be a higher frequency of breaks. These breaks will help the teachers and students not burn out. Students get the same number of days off, it is just rearranged differently. If schools were open year round teachers wouldn't have to work two jobs to get more money. The solution is to switch to year round schools.

In conclusion, if you do the research and read all the studies then you will realize that switching to year round schools will benefit everyone. All this information I have provided shows that there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain about year round schooling. From my own personal viewpoint I would prefer year round school. 

Sincerely, Celina Todd

Clarkston Community Schools

ELA 10- Vickers

English Language Arts 10 A

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