Alyssa S. New Mexico


Why abortion should be legal

Dear Future President,

My name is Alyssa; I’m from Albuquerque, NM, and I am writing to you about abortion. I fully agree with abortion rights and woman’s rights to do what they want with their body. People argue and say that abortion should be illegal because you are killing a person, but you also need to think about the mother and what her situation is. There are many different situations on why she wants an abortion. Some examples on why woman/ girls get an abortion are: she might have been raped and doesn’t want the remembrance of being raped or even want to have her attackers baby. Another example would be she wants the best for her child and she just cant give that right now, more reasons would be are she’s just not ready to have a child or just doesn’t want a child. Yes, giving the baby up for adoption is a option, but you have to think of the child to the child my not get adopted right away or even adopted at all, the child could be put in a bad home a be abused and hurt, or even just getting passed house to house person to person wouldn’t be good for the child.

Nine percent of abortions occur for women who haven’t completed high school yet. Twenty-seven percent of abortions occur in women who have only graduated from high school. Majorities of woman who have abortions have only had some schooling in college, which is a forty-one percent. Statistics show seven out of ten teenagers that become pregnant before the finish high school will drop out and a very small amount of two percent will stay in school and go to college to get their degree. Pregnancy at a young age is setting up young mothers for failure. Some mothers may get depressed and turn to drugs or alcohol because of their failure in their life or their failure in taking care of their child. Can you see why abortion should be legal? We have to think of the mother too.

I’d like to thank you for taking your time reading my letter and would like to congratulate in becoming our new President.


Alyssa S.