Gracelyn S. New Mexico

Drug use in Sports

Drug use in Sports.

Dear Feature President,

My name is Gracelyn, and I am a sophomore in high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The reason that I writing to you is because I very concerned about the drug enhancing use in sports. This topic is a concern to me is because I am a high school athlete. There are also many teenagers that look up to the Pro athletes, and if the Pro's are using drug enhancing in there sports then it must be okay for the high school students. I just don't want to see really good high school athletes get hurt so they can't play in college. Another reason is because it is also not far for the athletes that try there hardest and that don't do drugs to end up losing to someone who is using enhancing drugs. 

When you think about professional athletes that have done drug use usually the players that come to mind are Alex Rodriguez, Lance Armstrong, Michael Vick, and Hope Solo. Sadly their choice to use the drugs had the negative affect on these players in several ways. To start it off it would have affect here play, because since they though that it was cool but really if was not. Since they where all Pro athletes everyone know how they play there best,but when they started doing the drugs you could see that their performance was either really good or it was really bad. Another way that the drugs affected these players were by the way that they interacted with fans. They where either really nice to the fan or where complete jerks to the fans. Also most of these athletes have many teenagers who look up to them, and by the Pros doing the drugs it will will influence the youth. What I mean by that is that if the teenagers see the famous people who they look up to and then they will want to do the drugs.

Thank you for your service. I hope that you can help with the causes that will help America. I wish you luck in your time as President.