Grace Adams Ohio

Take women's rights or take babies lives

Abortion should become less available in the united states.

Dear Future President,

Although some people say that you are taking away women’s rights I agree with the side of not taking away innocent baby’s lives. There are too many deaths from abortions in the United States. This issue is important because losing lives from our country is a big deal and those baby’s could grow up to be great people. Abortion is a dangerous thing and many women are dying from having them. This problem has taken ahold of women and we need to make it go away. Abortion should be less available in the United States, resulting in a more populated country.

Abortion has been a problem not only in the U.S., but globally. Some reasons that women feel the need to have an abortion is if they think that they are too young, if they aren’t married yet, if they are too poor, or if they are over the age of 40. Before abortion was illegal people began to notice that within the next 20 years a series of laws started restricting abortion, punishing providers, and punishing the women who were seeking the abortion. In 1965, so many people were having illegal abortions that there were 265 deaths. This problem is becoming out of hand and we as a nation need to do something about it.

This affects the world because you are taking someone out of it who had the potential to do good. Some people who would be affected by an abortion would be the women who had it because she would feel guilty for the rest of her life. By having an abortion you are not just taking the child's life away. You are taking someone’s cousin, grandchild, best friend, grandmother/grandfather, mother/father, teacher, etc. Having an abortion takes away an important person from someone’s life and that is horrible. There are 6 million pregnancies happening each year and over half of them are considered unplanned by the women who are pregnant. When one woman chooses to give her baby life, that makes it one less abortion. So, should taking someone out of this Earth, who could be great, be legal?

Abortion in the U.S. should be less available. Killing an innocent child that hasn’t even had a chance to live in this world is not right. Women should be punished for having an abortion. Making it be less available would lower the number of abortions in the U.S. No one, no family, no doctor should be put in the position of taking a baby's life. This baby deserves to come to this world and live a great, full life, and you are in control of being able to put an end to this matter.

All in all, there have been 56,993,299 abortions in the United States since 1973. There have been 2900 per day, 137 per hour, and 2.3 per minute. Future President which one do you choose, taking women’s rights or taking someone’s life? If we don’t put an end to abortions now, our population is going to decrease in the future. We are losing so many lives due to unplanned pregnancies. If we as a country make abortion less available then it could result in a more populated country. It’s up to you to make decisions for our country, I just hope you choose the right one.


Grace A.

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Brookville 8th Grade Students

8th grade students at Brookville Intermediate School have been studying issues that are important to them. They are posting their letters to the next president in order to have a voice in the upcoming election.

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