Devin E. Idaho


A letter about abortion

Dear President,

Congratulations on your election to be the president of the United States of America.  Now I know there are many pressing issues needing your attention.  One that I am going to ask you to consider is the issue with abortion. President, this is a free country and we are a free people, but should we be free to murder pure and innocent beings? Some may argue that the child can't feel it, some mothers are aborting her child due to a rape pregnancy. But I feel no matter the circumstances the innocent life can be preserved.

A way to preserve a life that is unwanted by another is adoption. Adoption is a great way for couples who are unable to have children to be able to create a family. Mothers who do not want the child may sign up to deliver the baby then have the child be adopted. This is a double win: the mothers don’t have to deal with willingly killing their child, and couple who are unable to have children will be able to start a family of their own. It’s ironic because most facilities who offer abortion services are called “Planned Parenthood” in the name is the word parenthood, killing children is not parenthood it is irresponsibility.

President, I hope that you can take the things which I have said into consideration. I feel that there are more options than killing a child. With your new leadership role I hope that you can use your power for good and for change. This country is divided and I hope that you can bring us back together and make America the country that it once was.