Dylan Minnesota

Minimum wage

A paragraph talking about minimum wage

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Dear Mr/Ms President, Minimum wage is an important and largely debated issue in the United States of America. Many people are in support of raising it and others disagree. Personally I think it should be kept the same as it is currently. Three reasons why the minimum wage should be kept the same are inflation adjusts to compete with minimum wage, prices of various products will increase, and not as many people will be hired for jobs.

Over time, as the minimum wage as slowly increased so has inflation. Inflation is when the value of the United States dollar decreases resulting in more money needing to be paid. According to the United States Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics every time the minimum wage increased since 1955, the value of the United States dollar was lowered thus creating an inevitable check and balance system between inflation and the minimum wage. Each time it is increased inflation kicks in shortly after to balance the increase in minimum wage. Some people may argue that raising the minimum wage would benefit the economy. While this may be true, the benefit will only be short lived before companies decide to increase their prices.

As mentioned above in the previous paragraph. The issue of prices raising can be connected to the previous argument. As the minimum wage increases so does the market price for items. Another vital point of my argument would be that raising minimum wage would cause people to lose jobs. Companies would not be able to pay salaries to workers with a raised minimum wage.

Another factor to support my claim would be the hiring of workers. Even if the minimum wage was lowered there would be no benefit to hiring more workers as there is no benefit for the company lowering their prices if the minimum wage is lowered. Lowering the minimum wage would not halt the problem of inflation. It will remain permanent unless the minimum wage is raised.

In conclusion my thought remains the same. Minimum wage should be kept the same to prevent job loss and inflation along with the raising of prices for certain products.


A student