Chris S. Mississippi

Minimum Wage's impact on families

This letter explains the struggles of maintaining a family off of minimum wage and why it would be beneficial to families to raise it.

Dear future President,

             Families with providers who work for the minimum wage, which is 77.2 million people in the U.S., can barely provide for their families. In Mississippi, the minimum wage is $7.25. That is not enough to handle their financial business, food, and kid's needs and wants. 

              The next president should increase the minimum wage so that struggling providers could maintain their needs and families. This would decrease the poverty rate because people would be earning more at their jobs due to the increase in minimum wage: "New research on the effect of minimum wage increases documents important reductions in family poverty rates and enrollments in public assistance programs, such as food stamps."(IRLE-Michael Reich, Ken Jacobs, and Annette Bernhardt). This statement by researchers at IRLE shows benefits from raising the minimum wage. An increase in the minimum wage would bring reductions in poverty rates and enrollments in goverment assistance programs.


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