Alex Minnesota

Gun Saftey In Schools

This letter is adressing the issues and impacts because of gun control laws within schools.

Dear Future President of the United States:

I am writing this letter in order to bring attention to the issue of gun safety in schools. I would like to highlight a few reasons as to why this is an issue that should be addressed.

According to, there have been 196 school shootings in the United States since 2013, and since 1980, 297 lives have been lost because of said school shootings. Based off these stats this issue has left a stain on the United States representation as a country and has also scared the hearts of millions forever.

Some families such as the one of a 6 year old, who died after he was shot on the playground in South Carolina last month, have even begun to consider placing an armed and trained guard in every school in order to prevent future shootings. Jo Ann Ford of St. Nicholas says, “The only person that stops a person with a gun is another person with a gun.” and follows up by saying, "If I still had children in school, I would feel safer knowing that trained and licensed school teachers and administration personnel are available for quick response to a shooting". Lt. Dominick Pagano, Richland County's lead expert on active shooter training, also said that young students should train and participate in drills in order to be ready for events like these. "They need to conduct the training in a sense that they're not scaring the children", he says. Lt. Pagano also says that there are ways to make drills like these fun and educational and that they can even be conducted with certain rewards for children who do well. Some people may say that having a gun in the school is a risk for further shootings, but this is only a problem if the students know where the gun is, and actually According to, over half of shootings in which the source of the firearm was known, over half of those firearms were obtained at home.

No one takes notice to this issue until they are affected by it. One parent who lost the life of his son Daniel in a school shooting, was able to speak to an audience of 175 people and talked about making sure that gun ownership would be put under tougher restrictions and background checks would be better conducted. He also urged audience members to, “Take this tragedy and make it a transformation and look at me as a symbol of hope and not as a tragic victim". The amount of school shootings throughout America in the past few years has been intolerable. These school shootings can be further prevented by taking action immediately and addressing the problems within it one by one. I hope that you think about the events that have been happening recently and strive to find a solution to abolish or even suppress the issue at hand.