Andy L. Minnesota

Letter to President Persuasive Essay

This is my Persuasive Essay about how we should crack down on illegal immigration


Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Washington DC 20500

Illegal Immigration

How would you like to lower your taxes? Reduce Crime? All of these will happen if we do something about one our biggest issues in America, illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants come into America illegally either by crossing the border or overstaying here. Illegal immigration is very important to me because I feel like you should not be able to come to America just because you feel like it but rather it should be earned. Almost all of these illegal immigrants do not give their fair share to America but take stuff that is given to them by us. Illegal immigrants in the United States are taking our jobs, causing crime, and making taxpayers pay for their services.

One of the main reasons illegal immigrants come to America is because of the job opportunities. In Mexico, there are not as many jobs so people come here to get jobs and try to start a new life. One of the biggest problems with that is they come here with no money and do not know how to speak English. Approximately 8 million illegal immigrants are working in the United States currently. Around 7.9 million legal American citizens are currently unemployed which means if we deport all of the working illegal immigrants, the legal citizens can take those jobs and there will be essentially no one unemployed which solves one of the biggest issues in America. This will only benefit our economy by getting people off the streets and working. Illegal immigrants have US citizens jobs which is unfair to everyone who does not have a job. By deporting the illegals, US citizens will get their jobs back and help the economy grow even more.

People might say that US citizens don't want the jobs the illegal immigrants want or the illegal immigrants are cheap labor that helps the companies. I tell them that not all of the US citizens want their jobs but there are many that do and those companies are just waiting to get busted. Many of those companies that hire illegals are very large and are a large contributors to the economy. If those companies get caught hiring illegals they will face severe punishment and would affect the economy. Illegal immigrants also cause lots of crime. Illegal immigrants cause approximately 13.6% of all the crime in America and they only make up of 3.6% of the total population. With these numbers, we are basically letting criminals into our country and that is risking our safety. We should realize with these numbers, enough is enough and we need to do something about the illegal immigrants.

In Minnesota, the cost of illegal immigrants is outrageous. Now you would think that it's Minnesota so there isn't that many illegal immigrants there, think again. An estimated 95,000 illegal immigrants lived in Minnesota in 2012. The annual cost to Minnesota taxpayers is $744 MILLION. While the illegals pay some taxes that doesn't even make up $90 million, the Minnesota taxpayers are giving up their own money to people who shouldn't even be here. Just imagine what all of that money could go to like schools or transportation. We need to do something about this because illegals are affecting everyone if you know it or not.

Why are we still letting illegal immigrants take our jobs, money, and causing crime? We need to stop letting the illegals take US citizens jobs and taking our taxpayers money. Illegals cause too much crime that is putting us at risk. I believe we need to do something immediately. We should either build a wall between us and Mexico where over half the illegal immigrants come from or crack down on our laws for hiring the illegals. I believe doing these two things will dramatically decrease the number of illegal immigrants coming to the United States.

Sincerely yours,


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