Rowan Minnesota

Gun Violence/control

Gun violence/control

Dear future president,

I'm writing to you on regards of the gun violence/control issue. I think that we need more gun violence laws or regulations in place right now. My reasons are, states with loose regulations on guns have a higher homicidal rate, the gun control laws we have right now only prevent law abiding citizens from protecting themselves, and the United States has had many mass shootings this year alone.In 2016 alone the United States has had 133 mass shootings the worst being the gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida where 49 people were killed. Most shootings can be prevented with just a few more gun regulations such as prohibiting the sale and usage of certain guns or prohibiting certain people from obtaining guns.States like South Dakota and Maine that have very loose gun control laws also have the highest homicidal rates. A 2010 statistic shows that 7 out of 10 states with the strictest regulations also have the lowest homicidal rates. This just proves that when there are more rules for the buying selling and usage of guns less people get hurt, supporting my claim that we need more gun regulations if we want less gun violence.Different states have different gun control laws but majority of states don't have regulations that prevent criminals from getting a hold of guns, only regulations that prevent law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves. This makes the citizens easy targets and essentially makes them prey for felons. Enforcing stricter gun regulations when buying and selling guns like thorough background checks can help prevent this.Now some people might say that enforcing more gun laws is prohibiting us from fully exercising our second amendment rights, the right to bear arms and they're wrong. When I say we need more gun regulations I don't mean take away all guns, I mean stuff like enforce background checks when buying guns, enforce regulations for gun dealers, and require safe storage of firearms. As you can see I'm not trying to say put a ban on guns for everyone, I'm only saying we should be taking more precautions to help us prevent things like mass shootings as much as we can.