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minimum wage

minimum wage is growing to be a big issue workers aren't getting paid enough to support themselves and or their families which is causing these good people to go into a financial crisis.

Dear Mr. President of the United States,

Minimum wage is growing to be a big problem workers are not getting paid enough to support their families so the poverty level just keeps going up and big business say that they can’t afford a wage increase, but don’t worry i have a solution to this big growing problem.

“Since 1938 minimum wage has been raised 22 times till 2009 and has not been raised since”. So the minimum wage has been the same for 7 years so since 2009-2016 so inflation’s gone up but the minimum wage has not. So you could raise the federal minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour, so that big business will be forced to pay their employees a fair wage. So minimum wage does have a big impact on society here are some examples of how it’s gone down and or its effect on society. So let’s say that minimum wage was raised it would cause “workers with little to no skill to lose their job or make it harder to find a job. Also people in the middle to lower class it’s making it harder to make a living because of the inflation and the cost of living, there both going up.

A big issue that minimum wage creates is poverty because minimum wage is low. The poverty rate was at 10 percent know it has gone up to 11.6 percent that is a hole 1.8 percent from 2009-2016. So raising the minimum wage is an important anti-poverty tool so just by raising the minimum wage by 10 percent it would decrease poverty by 2.6 percent and in the long run it would go up 3.6 percent. So that means basically 4.6 million americans would no longer live in poverty.

But minimum wage does have it’s disadvantages because raising the minimum wage “business say that raising the minimum would put the employees that have little to no job experience” will become out of work or get fired because the raise of minimum increase but what do i know but like i said you could raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. If you do that it would force business to stop being so greedy and forced to pay their workers a little bit more.So basicly minimum wage increase could be good or bad. Because business say that they could not afford the minimum wage increase but if this did happen it would really help i just hope you will take what is say into consideration and try to raise minimum wage wage and lower the poverty in the world thank you.

~ a concerned citizen

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