Sam Michigan

Gun Control

America's gun control problem is way out of hand.

Dear Future President,

Iā€™m sure you have noticed that the gun control has gotten way out of hand. An estimated 70 million firearms were added to the U.S in the past two decades. The percent of attacks on police officers went up 300%. The laws that are supposed to protect people and prevent people that don't deserve guns from getting them are not being followed.  These laws should be more strict; nobody should be able to own a gun if they have been in prison. Nobody should have a gun on the street, and if they do, they should be punished based on how dangerous the situation was. This is very scary for a nation that is already struggling. The second amendment says that we are allowed to have guns, but some people take advantage of that. I hope that you consider fixing this situation and help make America a better place to live.