Chase B. Michigan

College Cost

We need to make college more affotdable.

Dear President,

I am a student who is beginning to think about college. As I have researched expenses I find that my choices are going to be limited because of the cost. I think college should be free to all people who want to go or at the very least much more affordable.

With my research I find that the average american makes $52,000 a year. My research also shows that college costs $9,410 for public college, $23,893 for out of state college, and $32,405 for private college. With the price of college it leaves you with not so much money to live with.

People say that if college were free that there would be less jobs. They say this because more people would specialize in jobs and would take up all the jobs we have right now. I donโ€™t think this because if we have more people that specialize in things there would be more of the jobs because they could create there own businesses.

Many things can be done to make college affordable. For instance, the president can make laws or do something to make college affordable. Another example is that cheaper colleges can be opened to people with lower income.

In conclusion, colleges need to be free or more affordable. So PLEASE president try to make college cheaper it would help a lot of people out.