Jessica M. Michigan

Let Everyone Have A Free Education

My name is Jessica M., I am a freshman in high school, and I will be going to college in the near future. Money is going to be a concern that I will have to face, and millions of other students will have to face also. I believe that we should push for tuition-free colleges so everyone can get the opportunity to get an education through college.

Dear Next President,

Millions of people in the United States aren’t getting an education through college. They are able to receive a K-12 education, but why aren’t they able to receive a higher education? Money has been a huge problem in our nation today, and it will always be a huge issue. Following that, people are not able to pay for college to get an education that will help them out later in life. Education is very important, but not everyone is able to pay for it. That is why it is time to push for tuition-free colleges all over the United States.

Money is unfortunately a huge problem and it is hard to pay for college for both millions of people in the United States and for myself. I am a freshman in high school and college is coming up in my near future. My two other sisters are preparing for college also, and it is not that far down the road that they will also be ready for college. I would love to go to college to get an education and start my life off. Nothing will stop me from going to college to do the things that I can’t do anywhere else, except for how much that it is going to cost. Money is the only thing that will ever stop me from going to college.

The cost of going to 4-year College has been going up every year, according to, it has gone up 1,122 percent since 1978. College is getting more and more expensive, and it is not going to stop anytime in the near future. The tuition cost of a public college cost is about 7 thousand dollars a year, states. For a 4-year degree at a public college, it would cost a little less than 30 thousand dollars. Not everyone had that kind of money to pay for college. Of course there are some scholarships to help people pay for their tuition cost. stated that only 1/3 of the students receive a lottery scholarship from the state, which covers most of their tuition cost. Only about 0.3 percent of students attending college will receive a full-ride scholarship, states If tuition-free colleges come into place we wouldn’t have to deal with trying to find the money to go to, or trying to find scholarships to help pay the way to college.

We would be able to eliminate the 1.3 trillion dollars in student loans that 38 million Americans owned in 2015, according We would save 48 billion dollars on scholarships that the Department Of Education and College awarded, states With everything, the Government would have to spend 62.6 billion dollars every year to make public colleges tuition-free. To make that possible, higher taxes would be issued to help with the cost that the Government would have to pay. At least though, more people would be able to get a higher education.

Everyone should be allowed to have a free education through college. It is now up to you Mr./Mrs. President to make that possible. Will there still be people not being able to go to college or being head high in student loan debt? Or will you do something about this to help millions of Americans get the education that they deserve. This is now in your hands, will you help us, or will you let us struggle for the most part of our life. It is up to you Mr./Mrs. President, please help out your country and the people in this country.                                                                                                                                               

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