Alivia New York

Sexual Assault/Harassment

Sexual assault is something that needs a more serious punishment. The person who is getting arrested for sexual assault on average only spends a year in prison or possibly only gets a fine. It wouldn’t be fair for the person who was assaulted because they may experience long time effects like depression, anxiety, and even mental illnesses at times. If a person is sexually assaulted and has mental illnesses after the assault, the person who did the assault deserves to feel the same way as the person assaulted. It’s unjust to feel long term effects of the sexual assault, and the person who did the assaulting only gets a year in prison and never thinks about it again after that. That's why I feel like sexual assault needs a more severe punishment.

Troy High School

Mr. Mo's Amazing English Students

Each of my students has a voice that needs to be heard. These are the minds and hearts that will help shape our country's future. All student writing, audio, video and artwork is 100% original and supported with in-depth research. Enjoy their incredible work.

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