Charles S. Michigan

The Facts About Police Brutality

Police Brutality has gone far enough.

Dear Future President

America is not what it use to be, to be frankly the person whom this concerns will not make America great again. In this nation police brutality is a major issue. It sickens me how far this act has grown. That a country “so great” is supposed to handle something so unfair.

Police brutality has become known to the nation how unjustified it is. Law enforcement murders three people a day while only killing 1,100 in 2014 Source. That's a significant amount of fatalities that could've been Handle in many different ways. The U.S doesn't have a consistent program of the killings that a police officers makes out of the month. “Instead the FBI runs a voluntary program for law enforcement agencies to submit numbers of justified homicides if they choose.” The numbers that have been counted by this program has been identify to be  “Incomplete Data.” That is an embarrassment to this nation and needs to focus on more often.

The racial facts about police brutality are significant. Studies show that the average unarmed black American to have a probability of being shot is a “3.49 times the average of a white American shot in the back.” Lately, that data does show us how true that can be if you watch the news or use any media.

The fact that data like this is not on the news or not publish on a big mainstream media is just weak. That a nation such as ours is not able to find ways to put an end to these unjustified killings. A world that blacks can walk the streets without worrying about getting shot. A nation that we people have the power to try and make a change. This how America can be great again but until things change America will not be great. To whom this may concern I hope you can prove me wrong.


Charles S.

Carman-Ainsworth High School

Carman-Ainsworth High School

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