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Letter to the president

My topic is on sexism in jobs, and wages and their oppritunites since history has spiraled.

Madi floreno


Letter To The President

Dear president,

Women and men in America are facing a great amount of stress through gender inequality. They experience this inadequate amount of inequality by medical costs, and wages. Throughout the years inequality between men and women has pretty much stayed the same except around the great depression when women were portrayed lower than the men. Some may argue that women are just as equal as men, which I agree with some what, but I mainly believe women are unequal to men.

Im wondering why women get lower pay than men. Is it simply that they have lower paying jobs? I also wonder what does gender bias have to do with paychecks? “In 2015 women were only paid 80% of men's pay which leaves a 20% gap.” I know this hasn’t changed much at all because it has been this way since the 1900’s. The same article also read that “the gap is worse for women from all backgrounds, ages, education, and may vary depending on individual situations.” I agree with this because it definitely has a huge impact on these we as women have always been judged by our race or our education level or whether we are wealthy or poor and where we come from. Women today have been becoming stay at home moms because they know their husband makes more money and can pay for their needs, we need to raise women's pay to equal men's so that we are all being productive. Women are just as much the same as men and deserve to be given an equal opportunity and not singled out based on individual properties.

Secondly, I wonder why women are now said to pay more for health care than men have to even though they are getting the same service? I know from personal witness that some health care providers aren't as proficient as others and may work at a slower pace or accidentally do something they weren't supposed to, but women still shouldn't have to p ay twice as much as the men. The department of health and human services states in their final rule that “Gender, race, disability, age, and place of birth should not affect the cost and quality of care a person receives from any provider receiving federal funding.” This makes me concerned as to why if the health and human services says this then why is it still raised so high for the female gender.

In conclusion, I believe we need to work together to make women become more equal to men, and raise their wages.

thank you,

Student madi floreno 

Clarkston Community Schools

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