Trinity L. Michigan

Renewable Energy

This is about how our world today is not fully aware of how energy is destroying our planet it explains ways we can preserve the earth through the use of renewable energy.

Trinity Lindeberg

4th Hour


Hello Mr. President I am Trinity Lindeberg 15 year old girl from a small town in Michigan that is very concerned about how many dangerous sources we use to get energy. I believe we as the United States should switch to totally renewable energy. We could train oil workers to take care of the new renewable sources so they still have jobs. Doing this could preserve the Ozone layer as well as ‘slow down’ global warming. There are many setbacks to doing this but I have some solutions. We need to preserve and cherish our earth to the best of our ability. Which is not what is happening right now.

In the United States 66% of our energy comes from hazardous sources. It kills our environment, our atmosphere, everything. If we switch to renewable energy global warming would begin to renew itself. With other methods of getting energy deadly emissions including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide which all contribute to global warming would no longer harm our earth in the way they do.

We, as the U.S. community, need to be truly informed about the things we use, the energy we use, harms our earth. People need to know that if we keep up what we're doing, how we're living, that soon we won't have a world to live in. We need to cherish our earth because you never know what you have until it's gone.

There are many issues that would occur if we were to switch to all renewable energy sources we would not only expensive but time consuming and many people would become unemployed but we could counter that, the people working on plants today to be trained instead to make and fix and take care of the machines. Those people would still have jobs, still get paid. Training these people would also make the switch go faster to making the U.S a renewable safe energy. For us and our environment. With solar energy we would only need to put aside 11,200,000 Bakers dedicated to only solar power energy it would help our environment and ourselves. Switching to renewable energy should be a mandatory thing for everyone to do. The problem is nobody will pay attention to the issues and problems unless they're forced into their face, the people are forced to look at the issues and then forced to change. .6 percent of our land set aside efficiently and effectively power the whole U.S. safely but we don't do it.

We need to put in effort into changing how we live to better us and to better the future. If we don't do anything only bad things will continue to happen. We need to let people know how their destroying the earth, show them the evidence and the reasoning and show people that we really need to change if we want what's best for ourselves, our kids, our family's.

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