Alex S. Michigan

Why we need to end Racism

Minorities are a huge aspect to our economy and culture and thy way we have been treating them is not only disrespectful,but it is a crime to our nation. We are to be a country of unity and dignity, but instead we are a nation of betrayal and division. The survival of our civilization depicts on the steps we take towards unifiying oir society.

Alex Stevenson

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

America is oblivious. We are all living in a false reality of what our lives are like. Americans believe that there isn’t a problem because we don't want to admit that our society is corrupt. We don’t want to acknowledge that racism is still a never ending curse. What society as a whole needs, now, more than ever, is to conquer the battle we are fighting in our own country before it devours us as a whole. We need to unite; it is crucial for America’s survival. Our nation needs to appreciate minorities and treat then with the same respect you would any other person in order to stop the division between our country.

Why has discrimination become a second nature to most? US citizens are programmed to despise those who are unlike us. Less privileged grow up believing they are not as good as the white Americans because they don’t receive the same opportunities as them. The real question is why? America, as a civilization, is not properly nurturing the unprivileged, the poor, and the minorities. We aren’t giving them the care and security they need. Our nation is slowly isolating those who aren’t “picture perfect” from society. Eventually, we will be segregated again, people will get killed more and more by police brutality and riots again,... we will be in a civil war again.

The major issue is that we are aware of the racism in our country, but most don’t think anything of it, because the discrimination does not personally affect them. Three out of four white americans say that America has a “somewhat serious” national problem. America is hiding behind the fact that because we had our first colored president; we are now past racism as a country. Does our ignorance make up for all the loss going on around us? Racism is not only affecting minorities, but society as whole. With discrimination present everywhere, especially in businesses, less minorities have been working. This causes less taxes being paid to the government, which results in an increase of poor communities, crime rates, and a larger gap between the rich and poor. America can improve this crisis by enforcing big businesses to have a biracial staff. Not only will it bring our U.S citizens closer and more united, but it will also help to circulate more money into the economy. Although businesses should have the right to hire whomever they want to work under their business, having a variety of cultural beliefs would be more beneficial instead of workers who just match the criteria. This also applies to affirmative action. A mix of culture will bring diversity into america, which will help us evolve as a nation, making it more efficient and strong.

Another issue involving racism is the division it is causing in our country. I grew up in a heavily mixed school, which consisted of white, indian, mexican, and black ethnicities. I did not have a problem with judgement or discrimination because I grew up in an environment where everyone was the same in my eyes. However, as I grew up and moved onto high school, the race differentiation changed dramatically, with the caucasians dominating. This presents the problem of having millions of children growing up and not interacting with different races and culture because they do not have the opportunity to be exposed to that environment. This will give children the impression that they don’t need to associate with minorities and could cause them to discriminate against them. If this issue is not attacked, the children of our era fifty years from now will face a larger division between races in America.

Over the past two years, the death toll of young african american men who have been brutally murdered by U.S police has been five times greater than those of white men, with a number of 1,134 and counting. It is believed that minorities and african americans tend to cause more trouble, but how can you prove that? Was Alton Sterling, an african american man, a criminal for selling CD’s in order to provide for his family? Was he doing more injustice than someone who committed fraud but still lived to see the light of day? The police claim it was only out of self defense, but what harm was Philando Castile causing the officer? Evidence clearly implies that those of color are more likely to receive charges because of their race. We need to go back to our morals; not jump to conclusions about someone, or to rank ourselves higher than another individual. It’s almost as if we have completely regarded one of the most important laws that has kept our country organized for so many years,” everyone is innocent until proven guilty.” In order to be the unified country we once were, we all need to put in to effort into having relationships with everyone. I’m tired of seeing videos of innocent people being brutally murdered for absolutely no stable reason and the killer not having to pay the price. I’m sickened by all the riots breaking out across the country. I’m done fighting the wrong battle.

To close off, our nation would not only be stronger, but better, if we put a stop to racism now. We could improve the economy and put an end to police brutality. We can live with less worry and fear. It’s up to you where we go from this, it is whether or not we seek the light at the end of the tunnel.


A concerned citizen.


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