Madelyn Valiante Ohio


There should be an end to sexism

Dear Future President:

Sexism still exists in our society, which is a really big problem. Females and males are treated differently than each other, men feel that they have more power than women do. Women fought for more power for their equal rights and to this day, women still feel different from men. Males are usually the more dominant.

According to CNN, “Thanks to social media and a growing understanding of women’s issues, there is less tolerance in our society these days for sexism and regressive comments. When someone steps out of line, they are more likely to get called out on any social media.” This explains that only certain genders have a reputation of acting differently on social media than another gender. “But I have begun to notice sexism around me discrimination as such, more a tone in which women are spoken about, or just a person’s awareness of someone’s woman-ness. At this week’s Golden Globes, where women from Jodie Foster to Lena Dunham were celebrated and co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler stole the show, the ladies were scrutinized for their fashion choices and number of facial wrinkles,” says Lauren Davidson. Women are known for their modesty and their fashion. It is a proven fact that women mature faster than males do, “Scientists have discovered for the first time that their brains can develop up to ten years earlier than boys.”

Overall, female adults, and children feel like they are not heard because of their gender. Since they aren’t as “manly” as men think they are. In our society, women are based on their “women-ness,” rights for women have clearly changed nothing. Both sex should be treated with respect and one shouldn’t be treated different from the other. People (mostly females) feel pressured to not be themselves because they feel no one pays attention since they are women and don’t matter since males over power the other sex. Mr. President, you need to create better rights for females, you definitely need to do something about this unfairness between the two sexs. There’s 50% of men, and 49.75% women in the world. Men have taken over.

Our society is messed up with being biased between the two different genders, we need more precise rights for women. Us women think men have taken over the world thinking they have more power than us. All I’m asking is that you take this all into consideration.


Madelyn Valiante