John N. California

Equality and Respect

Summary: I was raised to believe in two things: that everyone is equal and as such everyone should be treated with respect. I am worried to see how little these ideals seem to mean in our country right now.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

I was raised to believe that everyone is born equal and as such you should treat everyone with respect and dignity, as you would want to be treated yourself. And while I have always seen and heard of situations that have gone against these ideals, for the most part they have been far away from me or in history books, easy enough as horrible as it sounds to ignore or disregard. But this election has brought to light just how real these issues are and just how low we can stoop as a nation. And so I find it necessary to express what I have observed and what I think must be done.

During this election we have seen Judges called out for being corrupt on the basis of their heritage, golden star parents grieving the loss of their son attacked because of their culture and race, campaigns run by white supremacists, and disgusting sexism. In addition we have seen our country divided by rifts between the various factions present within our society and as a result, weakened communities. As a nation founded on the idea of equality and freedom, no, just as a people with morals we should understand that this is unacceptable. To judge someones value or condone hate speech and violent action because they look a little different or because they were born in another country is unacceptable. To disrespect and offend women with such vulgar talk is unacceptable. To consort with racists and allow them to run parts of your campaign is unacceptable. But just as great an issue is the demonization that is causing such great rifts in our country. In times such as these, where not only in our country but around the world there exists chaos and what looks like a dark and worrisome future, we must not allow our communities to be torn asunder. This is however what is happening. Both campaigns and their followers continue to demonize each other, and while I understand its place in marketing, it is very dangerous as it clouds peoples judgement and makes it ever harder for them to see the truth and come together to fix the prevalent issues in our nation.

All of these things worry me deeply, for they go against what our country is supposed to stand for and against the common principles I was taught. They lead to a dark future wherein we are a fractured nation to busy fighting and calling names like children to fix the issues that affect us all. So that is why I have written this letter, to beg of you, our president, to do all that you can to fight these dangerous trends and make it clear that racism, sexism, and bullying have no place in our country.

Thank you for your time,

John Nelson