Jaden L. Michigan

Say No to Gun Control

I am a freshman at Northview High School writing to you today about a problem plaguing this nation. Gun control.

Dear Future President,

Gun control is a big issue in the United States. Our government wants to take away all gun rights, also known as the second amendment, from American citizens. According to cnsnews.com, 68 million people out of the 318 million people in the United States are felons and use guns for bad things. It doesn’t mean that everyone else should have their guns taken away from them. If anything, the government should make a list of all these felons and make it so they can’t buy any guns or weapons. People have the right to own a gun.

Everyone all around the world, ordinary people like you and me, use guns for hunting, protection, and target practice. These are good people and they use guns for good and entertainment purposes not for blowing someone's head off or robbing people. If gun control gets passed, people who live off of the wildlife will be forced and only have one choice but to go to a grocery store. Which is better for you? Using a car to get there which pollutes the air and having to get all of the processed food and products. Or going out, sitting and waiting for the animal to come along and then get the fresh meat which is healthier. Other than hunting some people use it for protection. Let's say that someone tries to rob your house. You have nothing to defend yourself with. Are you supposed to let them rob you? No! You should be able to defend yourself and live off the land if you want to. It is your choice. Not the government's choice.

There are multiple causes of gun control. According to policeone.com the top reason of gun control is video games. Children are more prone to violence due to video games and violent movies. So many children are sitting behind the tv playing call of duty or halo or some other first person shooter game. Most parents don’t interact with their child so they just go to their Xbox or play station and play games. The second top reason for gun control according to policeone.com is mental illness. Policeone.com says that most mass shooters have a severe mental illness that could have been treated prior to anyone being shot. Since only people with money can get medical attention, not a lot of people can get the help they need for their illness. Not all of gun violence is just for money, it can be just someone not in the right state of mind.

If gun control gets passed, there will be a mixture of good and bad. According to justfacts.com, 14,249 murders were committed in the United States during 2014. About 68% or 9,675 were with guns. If gun control is passed, it may cut down on murders and crime but not all of it. Even if we do limit guns there will still be a bunch of killings. Some people might say that we saved 9,675 people but the problem is there will still be shootings. Not all people will give up their guns and possibly hide them. The criminals who do still have guns will still kill people with guns.

If you pass gun control it will do nothing. There will still be shootings, people will be unhappy about losing the right to own a gun, and the United States of America will probably go into a state of chaos. Revolting, rioting, and unrest. Please don’t pass gun control. Say no to it and try to find a different way of limiting shootings.


A concerned student from the Northview High School.

Northview High School

2nd Hour

Mrs. PItt's 2nd hour 9th grade English students.

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