Ramya A. Michigan

Arts Funding in Schools

The current funding for arts is atrocious, and should clearly be revived. Here are some reasons why!

​Dear Future President,

Most parents, and even students don't know the importance of arts programs such as choir, theatre, band, and art. Some people decide that really thriving in school solely consists of excelling in academia based classes, such as English or Government. What people don't know, is that to make a well rounded student, it takes experience in all parts of school, like band as well as geometry. But, because many schools don't have the money for these kinds of “extra programs” not many kids get these experiences. So, because of this, future president, you should definitely set aside more money for funding the fine arts programs across schools in America.

I feel as if some kids are missing out because they don't have the same, or even any opportunity to get involved with any form of art. Schools all across the US need some sort of art form in their life. The Champions of Change: The Impact of the Arts on Learning (Fiske,1999) shows that having arts programs leads to reaching students in a way they are not normally reached, and therefore leading to lower dropout rates. This shows that students who don't usually do well in academia do get touched by the fine arts, and do start to care about this part of their school life, encouraging them to stay in school.

The National Assembly Of State Arts Agencies found that in the fiscal year 2014, the funding only totaled $306.6 million, or just 0.037% of the state general fund expenditures. Really? That's less than half of a tenth of a percent. These fine arts help communities prosper , help provide skills needed for 21st century success and help at risk youth, so why don't we encourage it more? We should definitely be gradually setting aside more money for the youth.

So future president, you should be concerned about the arts education of our youth, as they are the future and they do deserve an equal opportunity everywhere. With raising the funding for arts, we can make a huge improvement and promise a better future for our future who could find their meaning in the world of arts.


Ramya A.

Avondale High School

Avondale High School

Honors English 10

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