Paige S. Arkansas

Stop LGBT Bullying

LGBT don't deserve to be treated the way they are.

Dear Future President,

LGBT people are people, too. They don’t normally get treated like it, though. It is unfair, and they deserve their equal rights. Just because some females like the same gender doesn't make them different. Just because some males like the same gender doesn't make them different either. Just because a fe/male likes both genders doesn't make them different. Just because some people don't feel comfortable in their skin and believe they need to change doesn't make them different. My point is, that these great people are still people. They don't deserve to be treated any different. It's sickening to see how these people get treated. Some people are totally against gay marriages, but it is legal. These people have to deal with the bullying of others just because they are "different". Society is horrible. If you are different from most of society, then you get made fun of, or bullied. All, or nearly most of all LGBT people get bullied for who they are. People don't seem to realize that this is one of the most reasons that people commit suicide is because of being bullied. We need to come together as one and end the bullying. We are told to be ourselves, but when being ourselves means being different from everyone else, we get hated. Why are people like this? It is terrible. Bullying statistics for LGBT show that 82% was that they had problems the previous year with bullying about sexual orientation. 64% felt unsafe at school about sexual orientation. 44% felt unsafe at school due to sexual identification. 32% did not go to school for at least one day due to feeling unsafe. 44% experienced physical harassment. 22% experienced stronger violence. 61% never reported the attacks. Lastly, 31% said that their schools made no attempt to respond to the bullying. This is appalling. We need to put an end to LGBT bullying. 

Dewitt Middle School

ICT 8th grade

8th grade ICT class at Dewitt Middle School

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