Anna S. Arkansas

Gun Problems

The existence of certain guns and the owners of guns with questionable records have been a major problem in our nation leading to the unnecessary death's of many. As leader of the free world, you need to prevent the existence of such weapons and prevent people with questionable records from owning them.

Dear Future President:

Problems involving guns is becoming an  increasingly  greater problem in America, and its a problem that can be prevented in many ways.  As leader of this nation, it's time to prevent deaths that are preventable by creating gun control policies.  Despite guns being a part of the Second Amendment, it doesn't specify the type of guns.  By preventing the ownership and sales of specific guns and guaranteeing that weapons are given to reliable people you can make America a better nation.

As President, it's understandable for people to know that you have limitations. I understand the fact that every American has the right to have guns.  However, there needs to be qualifications in who can own one, especially if they are owning a weapon that's capable of mass destruction.  In the year of 2015, about 13,000 people inside America died in gun related causes (Procon).  By creating qualifications in who can own a gun, and the type of guns allowed, America's ensured to be a safer nation.  The idea that our Founding Fathers created, allowing everyone having the right to owns guns is a great idea, however, our Founding Fathers would have wanted people who are capable of such ownership to be qualified. The Ninth Amendment protects rights that aren't listed,  and this is one of those rights, to be protected from those weapons.  

America isn't the same nation where we use guns as a way to survive or to protect. Its a nation where guns are used to hurt and ruin lives.  Even though guns can be used for protection, the majority of the time, guns are used only a partial amount for protection.  Of the 8,275 people killed by guns in 2010, only 230 deaths were considered an an act of protection.  Statistically, from 1999 to 2013, the majority of killings was from guns, and its considered the 12th greatest cause of death in the United States (Procon).

By being the President and creating more gun control policies, you'll be remembered as the President who protected Americans from the use of specific weapons.  It's time to create history, by creating gun control policies which will prevent ownership and the sale of specific guns.  By doing this, you are creating a greater and brighter future for Americans.


Anna Claire Showalter