Michaela Minnesota

Transgender bathrooms

Letter to next president about transgender bathrooms

Next President

1600 Pennsylvania ave.

Washington D.C. 20500

Dear Next President,

Feeling safe and comfortable is a right all students should have. Many of my friends are transgender and have finally gained a transgender bathroom at my school this year, something not many schools have. When students don't have access to the appropriate bathroom in their school it causes conflicts between people and it takes a toll on these students.

Transgender bathrooms should be available to students at all schools so we can end this argument once and for all. Opinions on this issue are very widespread, from people that don't support the transgender community to absolute transgender rights activists. There are arguments about this issues daily, from banter between strangers to voting and discussions in the courtroom. The bathroom bill has been debated in several states like Nevada, Arizona and North Carolina. If accessible bathrooms was the law then there wouldn't be as much debate about it. Once we stop arguing over this important issue we can focus on other issues and keep pushing towards equality.

The opposite side of the argument is that people are scared of pedophiles coming into bathrooms of the opposite sex, but the thing is, pedophiles could use any excuse to go into the opposite sex's bathroom and those reasons aren't justifications, so why would this be? Another reason these need to be accessible to transgender students is they already deal with so much and this is just one more thing to make their life harder. Life is very difficult for transgender people"1 out of 2 transgender people attempt suicide by age 20"(Visually). If that doesn't tell you how hard their life is I don't know what will. Transgender people have enough to worry about, where they go to the bathroom should not be one of the.

The issue of transgender bathrooms causes conflict between people and adds another problem to transgender students lives, the solution is to make bathrooms accessible to transgender students. If they were accessible there would be much less debate on the topic and students would be able to feel comfortable and safe at school. I propose that all schools should let students chose the bathroom they are most comfortable with or corresponds with their gender identity.