Jessalyn A. Arkansas

Better food better grades

I think that if you like the food you eat it, so if you eat you make good grades. I think we should be able to make our own menus.

I think we should be able to work with the food department, and our school lunch lades to somehow find a way to make a better lunch menu. If we could just find some people how care as much as i do this could work. I know everyone wants a new menu, but i don't think they'll take out there time to help make the menu better.I know for a fact that if i eat more than i can think better.Like the way my brain functions is way better when i eat better. You try eat something you don't like or eat nothing at all, then try and do a math equation 3 hours later. After you do that the next day eat everything you want then 3 hours latter try a equation. have a family member or google to check you answer. Look at result and compare, and more than likely you will do better when you feel better, because you eat better. That is why I think that we should help when making the menu.