Julian R. Minnesota

Lgbt Discrimination in the U.S

Examples of discrimination against Lgbt people in the United states will be shared and so will some ways to start fixing the problem

October 9,2016

Dear Future President

Congratulations on winning office and best of luck with the terms you serve.I am composing this letter to address the discrimination against LGBT people in our country, I am writing about this topic because I am gay and I’ve noticed how gay is used by many teens to describe something stupid or the sort and I’ve heard about some of the discrimination gay people face in different parts of the country such as in employment. Even though there are anti-discrimination laws in most states there are some states that don't have anti discrimination laws based on sexuality or times when the law allows discrimination.

Such examples include a judge named Tim Philpot featured in an article by Usa today called “Ky, family judge: Gay marriage, like jumbo shrimp, Illogical” by Andrew Wolfson,Courier Journal from Kentucky. Judge Philipot called the supreme court decision on gay marriage “pretty close to insane” and “Now kids,not only have to decide which girl to date or which boy to date, they’ve got to decide which gender to date”. He said in an interview with the herald leader of a religious group by the name of Francis Asbury Society, that the gay lifestyle was a “destructive lifestyle” and its “behavior, it’s not genetic”. That is the more illogical of the 2 articles, the other will be about a case where a woman was forced to resign because of harassment.

The other example is an article written by Blair Miller on the KSHB news site, “Colorado woman sues Wholes Foods over LGBT discrimination allegations” Jennifer Johnson, who is married to a woman claimed she was forced to resign after reporting harassment based on her sexuality. Her immediate supervisor Tawny Duckworth had asked Johnson had a “gaydar” and at one point dressed up to imitated Johnson with a “negative lesbian stereotype” among other things. Johnson reported the harassment to her general manager, who conducted a 2 week investigation that was fruitless. Her manager with a human resources worker informed her that she was going to be written up for “inappropriate language” for a song she played. Johnson did hear her former supervisor admit some of the harassment before she quit though.

There are many other examples about discrimination against Lgbt people. All of them to degrade members of the Lgbt community or deprive them of rights they should have as humans or dehumanize them. But the 2 shared are important for various of reasons, in the first one the judge was biased and disregarded that scientist have classified homosexuality as genetic and has made it seem as if it was choice. The 2nd one showed that being gay can cause coworkers and superiors to make their time at work difficult and will cause problems for them because of their sexuality. I believe to fix it those that abuse their powers to make other people's lives difficult based on gender identity and sexual orientation should be either be put on probation at their jobs, with their decisions against Lgbt people reviewed to see if the firing was based on their performance or just on their sexual or gender identity or fired, because if they fire someone for their gender or sexual identity there is a possibility that they have done it before or are in the process of it. So those that make Lgbt people's lives difficult should be educated what struggles Lgbt people face without them making those people’s lives more difficult.