Hayden M. Arkansas

Police Equipment and Training

Police officers aren't prepared for the crime they are facing each day

Dear Future President,

I believe we should help keep our police officers safe with the right equipment and the proper training needed to do so. We are spending all of this time and money in other countries trying to help other people out, but we aren't putting forth any effort trying to help save police officers lives here in our own country. America needs to worry about solving the problems within itself before we send troops and doctors and money to other countries trying to help them. 

Police officer death has increased nearly eighty percent since last year. Officers have been losing their lives in the line of fire trying to protect American citizens, but we aren't doing anything to help protect them. Instead we are involved in other countries business trying to help them. America needs to solve the problems within itself before we go off and help other countries. Police officers need the proper equipment and training to protect themselves and American citizens. We spend all this money on other countries trying to help them, but we aren't putting forth any time and money trying to help police officers. 

Officers need the right training and equipment to help keep them and citizens safe. We should put forth money and time to something that is extremely important, rather then spending it on trips to the moon. How can we expect police officers to perform and do their job correctly when they don't have the proper training and equipment to do so. The American government needs to dedicate more time and money towards police training and equipment to be sure that all police officers are ready for what ever they may face in day to day situation.

Future president, I just hope that this is taken into consideration. If police officers continue to lose their lives in the line of duty, due to lack of training or not having the proper equipment, pretty soon no one will want to be a police officer. With no police officers so many more lives would be at risk, because we wouldn't have any protection against the bad people in this world. Without police officers we would have more wrecks than there are today, because we wouldn't have anyone to be sure people are driving safe. I just ask that we seriously consider the training and equipment of our police officers.

Searcy High School

Ms. Simpson's PAP American History Class

Searcy High School Searcy, AR

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