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Gay Marrige

Homosexual people should be allowed to marry and adopt kids.

As you know, gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states; however, the topic is still very controversial. All homosexusal people should have the ability to marry and adopt kids if that is what they chose to do. Marriage is a basic right, and letting all couples have the ability to adopt kids could take many people out of the foster system. Although some people say it is against traditional beliefs, those beliefs are changing rapidly.

According to the American Foundation for Equal Rights, marriage is a right given to all people of full age no matter their race, religion, or nationality. The U.S. Supreme court also recognizes this as a right given to all people. This is again outlined in the commitment of liberty and equality to all, a reason we left england to begin with. To ban homosexual marriage would be direct discrimination against around 5% of the population that live here. While that might not seem like much, it is a total of 6,455,204 people. This is more than the entire state of rhode island, and about equal to the amount of redheads in the U.S.

Besides having the ability to marry, they should also be able to adopt children. While the LGBT community should still have to go through the same process as straight couples, they should not be denied just because they are gay. There are many homosexual couples that are waiting to adopt and if they were allowed to, many kids would almost immediately taken out of the foster care system. Multiple studies show that kids raised by same sex parents are more loving and accepting to others. They also had fewer social problems. With all of the benefits to the kids and adults alike, we should at least give them the chance to have kids of their own.

The number one reason that people are against couple of same-sex marriage is that the bible or their holy book is against it. The more important rule in many religions that people often forget though is love your neighbor as you would yourself. By committing hate crimes in the name of god, they are defying what the church believes in a bigger way. So by supporting same sex marriage, you are following the ways of your god by loving and accepting all people. Another thing that many people against homosexual marriage feel is that traditional marriage can only be between a man and a women; however, the term traditional marriage is changing, just as fast as society's opinion. Biracial and and bicultural marriages were frowned upon, now they are a normal part of society. Of all people under 30, 50% support gay marriage, one of the highest stats ever seen.

Society has come along way in accepting gay people though we still have more work to do. While they may be able to marry, they are still being denied basic rights because of their sexual orientation. Homosexual people should be able to marry and adopt kids if they chose. From arranged marriages to some restrictions, marriage is becoming more about love. It’s time to take it another step.

Sincerely, a future voter

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