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Gun Control

Reasons why we should have Gun Control Laws

Dear Mr./ Mrs. President, I am writing this letter to congratulate you on being elected president. You will face many challenges in office including knowing which issues to focus on. Allow me to suggest an important issue to focus on. You must protect the right of people to bear arms. As it says in the Bill of rights,”the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” You must not infringe the the second amendment. We also need guns for safety. Guns are the main weapon of safety all over america, and the world. Terrorist attacks have been over the roof lately, and there have been many deaths because of an act of violence. When we bear arms, we are protecting ourselves and maybe other people from getting hurt.

Mr./Mrs. President, You must allow us the right to bear arms, because of the past gun violence that has gone up extremely over the past 20 years. When someone is handling a gun, you must have them follow the basic guidelines of gun safety. They should never aim a gun at a unintentional target,even if the gun is unloaded. Doing this will result in anxiety of the person you are aiming at, and maybe an accidental shooting if you don’t know that gun is loaded.

Although guns are our main aspect of safety, guns are the most dangerous weapon out there. In the past 5 years, the rate of people being very severely wounded or killed by violence of guns is unacceptable. There have many many shooting with violence of guns. You must not allow mentally ill people to hold guns, and before anyone buys a gun, you must have them bring a permission slip from the doctor in order to even have a gun.The violence in America today has gone up extremely. There have been terrorist attacks with guns included.

You must not infringe the the second amendment. You must not repeal the right to bear arms, because the second amendment states that this law “should not be revoked,” You must allow all citizens of America to bear arms as long as they are in a healthy state of mind, they have not have had past gun violence issues involving themselves. And they have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Congratulations on being elected, Mr Madam President. You deserve it, as long as you fight for this country, repeal the gun control law, and keep the second amendment. This country will be more safe, and reliable. All citizens of America trust you to do what is best for America.

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