Faleha Q. Texas

Why we must abolish the Gender Wage Gap

Persuasive Letter to the next President to get rid of the Gender Wage Gap

Dear Madam/ Mr. President,

Imagine a male boss paying his male employee making more than his female co worker based on their genders. Think of the countless women in the world that are being downgraded by not having equal rights. Mr./Madam President you must enact a law that states that we must pay women the same amount of money as men. If the United States is the land of equality shouldn't the women get equal pay. Also, the government loses a large sum of money if they do not pay both genders the same sum.

Equality means the state of being equal. If this is what it means then why are women paid 21 cents less than men on a daily basis? The only reason being that they are women. In recent years the US women’s soccer team won major championships, while the men’s US team did not. Guess who got paid more? They women were paid $30,000 each for making the World Cup team, while the men were paid $68,750. Four players on the women’s team have stated“There are no legitimate non-discriminatory reasons for this lowering of wages, merit or incentive system or any other factor other than gender." The constitution even states that“ all men are created equal” and if everyone is equal of one another they should be able to have equal rights.

Some may argue that women get less degrees than men, therefore they should not get paid the same amount. They are wrong, studies show that women are more likely to get bachelor’s degrees and more degrees in general since recent years. They have an equal chance of getting the same reward as men which they have not been able to get because of discrimination in the work force.

We rely on the government for our freedoms and ways of life, how would we feel if our own government was losing money in the act of unequal pay? For example if 45 million women work; assume they lose an estimated $900 per month due to the pay gap; and assume the average tax rate is 11%. The lost annual revenue to the federal government would be in the range of $53 billion in income taxes, $60 billion in FICA, and $14 billion in Medicare. If we payed our government more, a lot of opportunities will show up and women will have much better chance at succeeding in life.

Congratulations on winning this year's presidency, and I look forward to see the changes you will be making. This is an amazing opportunity and there will be hardships but we will get plough through it as country. I look forward to see you eliminate the gender pay gap as it would provide our government more money and it would prove our country values equality. I hope you enjoy your stay at the White House!


Faleha Q.

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