Lasya I. Texas

Free College Education

College students have a tough time on paying their tuition fee. Most students drop out because they can’t afford to pay so much money. America will have a better economy as it will have less unemployed people if it provides free college education.

Dear Future President,

The cost of college education today is so high that many young people are giving up their dream of going to college, while many others are graduating deeply in debt. College education has become too expensive for middle class people in the US. As the president, you should make all the public colleges in our country free to improve our economy.

Education should be free until students finish their college. As elementary, middle and high school are free, college education should be free because it is an important part of a student’s education. According to, 30% of college and university students drop out after their first year. Some students are not able to afford their college tuition fee because they do not have any support from their parents.

College education is the main part of a student’s education. If students are not educated properly, they will not be taken in for jobs. This would increase the unemployment rate in our country. According to, there are 7,787,000 unemployed people in the United States in 2016. 

Many students dropout of college because they can not afford it. This is why making public colleges free is important. The college dropout rate and the unemployment rate are tied together.

 As the president of the United States, please make colleges free for the well being of our nation’s economy. For our nation to continue to grow stronger, there should be no unemployment and for that to happen, students should be fully educated. Free college education will help students to succeed in their life.


Lasya I

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