Anish S. Texas

Reducing Global Emissions

Reasons why global emissions are harming our environment and people around the world, and what we can do today to prevent it from happening in the future.

Dear Mr./Madam President,

Congratulations on winning your place in the White House. I want to address an issue that is very important and is affecting Americans and people around the world. My issue that I want to address to you is about global emissions. This issue must be acknowledged and solved as soon as possible, and I want you to re-evaluate our emission laws, because our nation and countries across the globe are increasing pollution and our polar ice caps are quickly disappearing. This problem is also affecting living conditions in many parts of the U.S. and other countries.

According to Wikipedia, The U.S. ranks 2nd behind China in carbon dioxide emissions. From 2014-2016, we have been approximately emitting 5,334,000 kilo tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Inferring from this, the polar ice caps are disappearing very quickly and the polar bears are soon going to lose their natural habitat. This shows that we need to revise the emissions testing policies and inform manufacturers to manufacture their vehicles efficiently and make sure to check that the manufacturer’s products do not emit harmful emissions.

Some people may argue that completely changing our normal, everyday transportation system to an efficient, environment saving transportation system may be extravagantly expensive, but I think that an investment for a cleaner future is worth the money. The people over at Earthtechling show why it is worth the money to buy a hybrid/electric car, and how it helps out with reducing the carbon emissions in our nation.

The everyday lives of Americans is getting affected by harmful emissions emitted by polluting vehicles. W. Addy Majewski and Hannu Jääskeläinen explain the different types of gases that are very harmful globally, and a two of the harmful ones on the list are Nitrogen Oxides (NO+NO2) and Carbon Monoxide. The authors of the article claim that these gases have “Human Health Impact”. I agree with them because some of these gases are unnoticeable, and we still inhale the air like it is normal and ordinary.

And finally, great job earning your place in the White House again. I hope that my letter to you was captivating. I also hope that you will take steps to remove polluting vehicles and replace them with clean, eco-friendly vehicles. Remember, if you reduce the amount of emissions today, you are making way for a clean future for families and children.


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